We Started Blogmas! 

Blogmas 2015: Day 1

It will be so much fun because I am really starting to get into this whole “Blogmas” thing! So I am going to do it! At least one post everyday until Christmas! I am so excited! 

If you have anything you want me to write then you need to tell me asap so I can plan my posts! I have the first few weeks planned, so be prepared for a month FULL of awesomeness. I have some DIY’s planned, cooking blog, my birthday blog will be this month too! A few fun picture blog posts too, and maybe even some Disney World adventures. Shhh. 

So, here is day one of blogmas! 

And anyone who is participating in blogmas can post below their first blogmas post in the comments! If you are shy you can email or tweet it to my as well. My twitter handle is @CheyRoche or this link will take you to my page: https://twitter.com/CheyRoche

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