Hello, i couldn't sleep tonight for some reason.
Who knows why! lol
So i got to thinking. its 11:38 here where i am, why don't we start something new? I think. I'm going to post AT LEAST one to two nights a week around midnight, How about Thursdays? or Fridays?. It can be like a night owl special. ^_^ i think it would be fun! Just a bit of babbling here and there about things that reach out from inside our brains.

Who has seen the new movie Lucy?
My dad, his girlfriend, Cheyne (my boyfriend) and I went to see it the other night, it was really cool and interesting. It really helps open up your mind to different things that might happen. It almost has a sense of mystery. it hints that there might be other things and other ways of life that we just can't comprehend yet.

What would you say your favorite mid-night snack is?
I'm not sure if i have one.. what do you guys think would be a yummy snacky?
Oooh! I LOVE those multi-colored marshmallows! They have orange, pink, green and yellow I think they also have different flavors per color. Anyway i like them better than normal marshmallows.

My cat keeps stepping on my key board while i'm trying to type so i think i'm going to hop off while i still have this all written down.

Glad I could share these thoughts with you. I am feeling WAY more tired and am totally ready for bed.
Nighty night! <3

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