Blogmas 2015: Day 2

Since it is only the second of December I figured it would be nice to type up a small list of the things I will be reading and watching through out December.  That way you can read/watch along too and maybe we can even discuss them. Keep the emails coming! I love it.

I am writing this listening to Christmas music, I am so excited if you hadn't noticed.

1. Anna Saccone (The SacconeJolys)

I love Anna, I love her in the vlogs, I love her posts, I love her videos, I feel like she could be my best friend no joke. So obviously I am going to be watching and reading everything she posts. 
I really am excited for her trying to do a post on her main channel every day for vlogmas on top of their regular vlogs! 

2. Zoë Sugg (Zoella)

Zoë is so cute I get obsessed with her every now and then but I really haven't stopped watching her since I started. She definately got me hooked! Seriously though she is so adorable and it's nice to see someone around my age being to productive and successful. 
P.S. I must admit that I am so totally jealous of her blog and how amazing it looks now! 

3. James Birchall

While I did just recently learn about James...I think I am in blog love. He is funny, Interesting and writes hilarious posts. I don't know too much about him but I will definitely be reading his posts this month. I think he definitely has something going for him.

4. Gabriella Lindley

Some people seem to not like Gabby so much but I really don't understand why, she is so down to earth and fun to listen to, I love her vlog channel and her main channel .
 I plan on watching her ALL December as well. I feel like she would be fun to sit down and have a conversation with for a few hours, hang out, cook and watch television. 
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That's all for today. I will probably pick up some more people to watch and read but for now that is all that is on my list! 

Happy Blogmas Day Two!

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