Blogmas 2015: Day 3

Of course there is always your local Radio stations but sometimes you want a
 little bit of a change when it comes to your Christmas songs. While your searching for presents 
for others, making your own Christmas list to give out and making yummy warm
Christmas cookies then it is the best time to listen to Christmas music. 

If you are all about downloading/buying CD's there are a few things you
 can use of course it depends on your cell phone/MP3 player. 

I have an android so I use Google Play, I like it because I am able to use it on multiple devices and the often have free albums 

Right now they have:
(They did have Josh Groban's Christmas Album but now it is just on sale.)

On Itunes after searching and searching I was unable to find any free Christmas music, I would love to know if you guys know of any? so I can help out my Apple users! 

If your kind of thing is Radios and playlists than I have a few things for you as well! 

Pandora is one that I use often enough I listen to the 'Classical Christmas Radio''Christmas Radio', and the 'Today's Christmas Radio'. I really do like to mix it up a bit when it comes to my music. 

iHeartRadio is another one that I switch between I like to tune into different stations 
that are not local for me. One that I find myself listening to all the time is Magic 107.7.
 Not sure why but I really do love that station it is very entertaining for me!

Last but not least at all is Spotify. I am in love with Spotify, I choose this over Pandora or iHeartRadio everyday. (Sorry guys!) On top of stations I have made I think my favorite is the station Zoella just shared on her blog. Its the perfect mix of Christmas songs. 

So I might be a bit obsessed with Christmas Music if you hadn't noticed, I love it so much I promise you I am not lying when I say I listen to Christmas Music all year. I absolutely love it! 

I really hope that you will find this useful in your Christmas Music searching and listening!

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