Rome and Bucine, Italy

We had yummy breakfast provided by the B&B, I loved everything about this place, It was in the perfect location, not in the tourist area but not too far out of the way, it was close enough we could walk everywhere. 

 We walked to buy a bus ticket, then walked to the bus station, got on bus 40 and rode it to the train station, bought a ticket for our train, and went to Bucine where we had a villa to stay at. 
There was 3 of us, 1 suit case each and one backpack each. (I made sure I was able to put my purse in my backpack so I didn't have too much to carry) 

 ^ That is the bus schedule, it is always the same, and we were very confused at first because we didn't exactly understand how it worked, but eventually we figured it out. (The blue circle with the number is the number where that train will stop)

If your going through the Rome train station you need to be careful, There are people who can spot you, they can tell you are a tourist and will try to take advantage of that. 
It happened to us, twice, the first it was a little helpful and not bad, she only wanted a few Euro for helping us purchase our tickets. (I am sure I cold have done it, it was self explanatory.) 

The second time we were walking towards the train we were supposed to get on and this guy walked up and grabbed the ticket and started walking off. He got us on the train and put our bags up then asked for 10 Euro each, we thought it was unfair and gave him only 5. He kept demanding but soon the train was going to leave and he had to get off. 
If he was strait up and told us it would be this much to help you it would be a different story.

If you go to a foreign country make sure you do your research and don't let this happen to you, We didn't let it ruin our trip however it was frustrating. 

 After a long train ride we ended up here, in bucine, my family was very generous and rented a villa catola for anyone who wanted to go. So we stayed for a week with my family. The owners name is Fabio, he is very sweet and funny. We had a lot of fun here. It was more than I had imagined. 

Yes, There will be a Part Three :) 
Too many pictures and stuff to go through!
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