You know. .
Everyone is always focused on the "what if's" ...

"What if your roommate leaves you?"
"What if your relationship doesn't work?"
"What if your paycheck isn't as high as you expected?"

"What if you live your whole life worrying about the negatives and never have time to live in the positives?"

I have been and "adult" out of high school for just about one year and 3 months. . .
What have I learned?
More life lessons than I ever did in school, now I'm not saying that school teaches you nothing. .
But they don't exactly equip you with somethings you need in life that maybe they could. .
Like how to read your electric bill, water bill, rent?  Etc.

Now should parents maybe teach us these things? Yeah probably, but i feel that's a whole other subject that I have no say in since I'm not a parent yet. :)

ONE of the things I have learned is it is very hard to be positive and because you are so young, basically a freshie to life, all the elders around you are going to be saying "what if?"

And it will 8 times out of 10 piss you off...
But they are only doing it to make sure you have thought about all things that might happen. 
Should that discourage you from what you want to do? NO
but definately keep it in consideration while making your decision.

Believe it or not you will make mistakes, everyone does and everyone will. It's just part of being a living creature and having a mind. Your parents made mistakes,  and so have your grandparents. 
You have to take your mistakes and their mistakes and find the best thing to do. . . For YOU.

If all you ever do is focus on the "what if's" you won't be happy because everything has its consequences.

So take everything into consideration, don't let the negatives and possibilities hold you back, because if you make a pros and cons list.. you just may find that the pros out weigh the cons about 90% of the time. 

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