Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Have problems getting things done?

Imagine, You get home and your pumped to do your homework and just get it finished! So you get your computer and homework materials. Suddenly you remember "I haven't had lunch yet!" next comes "Ooh, *Insert favorite TV show here* is on!" next is "I'm so slee..p.  *SNOOORREE*" then the day is gone and you didn't ever do your homework! 

Your walking down the hallway to your English class. Thinking "What will we be doing today?" and suddenly you remember... "I have an outline due!"   .. OOPSIE!! .. 

I have struggled with this as long as i can remember. I am in college right now, and working, and dealing with some huge life decisions, this is no time for me to start procrastinating. 
I have come up with a couple ways to work on my procrastination. 

1. I have started this blog, I've had my ups and downs with it, But I've figured out how to schedule times for blog and others for school and work. That's what you have to do. Schedule and try to stick to it. Is it hard? YEAHH! lol But it helps you from getting overwhelmed. Even if you dont have a blog. there are a lot of things to juggle in your life and having a schedule helps so much! 

2. Take your larger projects, and break them down in to smaller pieces that are easier to start on. This helps because it is easier to do an outline if you know what you are going to write first, So you could start with researching and finding different subjects before you actually start on the whole outline. 

3. ASK FOR HELP! Having a parent, boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends can really help open up your mind and give you some new ideas. Help you develop a thought process. 

4. Eliminate Distractions. If you get distracted by the TV, Go outisde or in a room with no TV. If its a computer, then use paper and books, I find if i have to use the computer than i love to goto the library. The quiet and library feel tends to make me feel like I get things done and it makes me more motivated. turn off your phone if you need to. 

I really hope this helps! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 5: My favorite possession

My favorite possession is only one thing and it is very special to me because I don't have many thinks that i would consider my "favorite". I would rather prefer memories and family, I guess I would rather have cheap than expensive if that's what is easiest and make the most memories. My favorite possession is a necklace that I got from my mom this past Christmas after she moved to Phoenix with my two little sisters and I still live here in Florida I didn't get to see her for Christmas so she sent it to me in a little box and sent me all the little pieces in different little containers. It was very cute and i loved it!! I wear this VERY often! 

The heart with 'Nana' and it is obviously about my great grandmother, she passed away a few years ago, the wand is probably because I love Harry Potter, The Blue Diamond I think is for my birthday I was born in December and it's my favorite color and I want to do marine biology and its be color is the ocean so I guess that totally works. The little turtle is because i love turtles, i want to save all of the turtles, and i love the ocean. I really want to help with the efforts to save our precious waters. <3

Sisters on the inside is because, well, I love my little sisters. <3 I have two little ones... They are annoying and butt-heads but i still love them. 
So yeah!! There it is!! <3 i'd love to hear about your favorite possessions.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 4: Top 5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day!

Hey Guys!! My top 5 are going to be things to do on a rainy day!!

This really applies to me because i live in Florida!! (The "sunshine" state... lol I think when we say that we are wishfully thinking!!)

1. Catch up on your TV shows!! (Netflix and Hulu are your BEST friends!) 
There is really nothing better than snuggling up on the couch or in bed with your favorite snacks catching up on all the shows you are too busy to watch all other days!!

2. Cook some really yummy things for the week!! 
 If you have been craving something specific for days then go make it!!! Or you can use up all of those extra little snacks and ingredients in your fridge!

3. Organize your house!! 
It doesn't have to just be your house.. it could be your bag, room, cabinets, closet, clothes drawers!! Sometimes it will have you feeling really productive.

4. Home spa!! 
Have some different beauty products you've been meaning to try just never have the time?? PERFECT!! Give your self a spa day. Use some Masks, or create your own. New body wash, nail polish, face scrub, hair masks or even try on a bunch of new make up looks.

5. Catch up. 
Have a bunch of calls you need to make? how about some homework you need to catch up on? or even some hobbies you haven't "gotten around to" lately. :) USE TODAY!! Seriously. its good to take time and do these things. Chances are it wont take all day so do this first. Then go try to so some of the others I've listed, it would be nice after catching up to relax. :)