Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Relationships and Patience

Sometimes we just can't begin to understand the things we need when we are doing everything on our own. We also can not always handle everything life throws at us, that's why it can be nice to have someone along with you on your journey through life, that even means as you mature in your younger years as well as when you are older. I personally like this post because I am currently in a 3 year and on going relationship with my boyfriend Cheyne. For young couples in a relationship, Learning to be patient, learning to compromise and being committed can help them grow into respectable, carrying people which is why i have decided to post this and get my opinion out there. 

As a teenage I see way too many comments, posts, pictures, etc. about "youngsters" being in too serious of a relationship and i feel it is making our generation scared of commitment. For a while i was afraid to show people how much i liked Cheyne becuase i was so afraid of being put down and just having my feeling shrugged off as "oh its just puppy love" and "oh you'll get over that soon enough. Sometimes I think that every love flame starts out as "puppy love"... It just grows. 

Being patient is not something i am very good at. However since by boyfriend and i have been dating I have improved a lot, I've been learning to be more patient especially since my boyfriends goal in life is to annoy me forever. I have found that as i am in a relationship i see things that annoy me then i see them in myself, so i learn to change them, one of those things is how impatient i am. It is very important to be patient in today's world because everyday we have to deal with rude people in traffic, computers and machines not loading or working correctly, and even obnoxious grocery store cashiers. So it can be really good to have patience. 
After all there is that saying ‘Patience is virtue’. 
It can make living your everyday life so much easier. Learning to be patient with your significant other can help your whole life in so many ways and it can also help you in your relationship. 

Even if you aren't together forever you will still have a huge impact on each others lives so try to make it the most positive impact you could ever make on them. A huge part about being patient is learning to compromise, you can’t always have instant gratification as we have all failed at remembering at least once in our life times.

P.S. I am no expert.. lol i am only just about to turn 20. I just know how i constantly felt put down by who i decided to "date".. and that it could never be real. I wanted to try to help younger people who feel like I did.
I am here for you.
I always will be.
It is okay to get your heart broken a little.
It helps you grow and mature.
Just give me a tweet or email.
I will respond just like i always have!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Everyone has bad days.

I haven't been in very good spirits lately. I noticed I have been very upset and sad. I've been extremely depressing to be around sometimes.. 
I just have been wanting to cry. Even now as I type this I am starting to tear up. 
I have no explanation. No reason. At times when things go just right, and if I happen to
magically loose all of my stress for a little while, I can be extremely nice, caring and fun, back to my normal blonde quirky self.

If I am stressed enough though I just start feeling bad. Like I noticed sometimes when I feel sick it is actually me going through something extremely stressful, as soon as the stress is gone I almost immediately feel better.

I LOVE my family, boyfriend and few friends that talk to me. 
I don't LOVE my job but it is a lot better than most jobs.
My cats make me feel super LOVED.
^^ apparently when I am upset i start writing lists of things i love.. lol

I'm not sure why i am writing this. . . 
I guess i felt i would let you guys see another part of me. 
"Isn't this a little pre-mature for the length your blog has been up?"  -- probably.. but my blog isn't about getting more views, getting money or more popular. 
Its for ME for my sanity. i love writing to my tiny yet amazing audience and the emails i get are so inspiring.

Never stop being happy and being amazing guys.
Even when you feel depressed, upset, or stressed. 
Try to keep the good LOVEABLE thoughts in mind. <3
(: You can ALWAYS talk to me. :)

HEEALLLPP!! Christmas present for my little sisters. ( Georgi & Sammy: DONT READ UNTIL I TELL YOU!! ;P )

As you may recall my little sisters and mom moved to Arizona from Florida after i graduated in may of 2013.
I stayed here in Florida as my boyfriend, fathers family and college was here. 
So obviously i do not get to watch them grow and see them become the amazing young women one day they will be.
However, i am so excited because get to see them so very soon!! My grandma gave my boyfriend and I an early Christmas present.
guys... a whole week!!1

For my sisters Christmas presents i am giving them little books full of memories, silly drawings, Sisterly advice, quotes i live by, etc.

What i would love is for you to help me gather ideas i can put in this. i will take pictures once it is all done :)