Monday, October 5, 2015

Over a year....

I started my blog August of last year...

It has been over a year! 

I was looking at my blog today and noticed something I never noticed before. I have gained quite the amount of views on my posts since when I first started.  Now before you go and think "well duh Chey, no one knows who you are at first."  I still think it is crazy that people even read this.  I don't find myself too interesting, I don't think i am even close to good blogging material.  But it seems like people keep reading even when I don't post for a month...  (I got very lazy.) It makes me so happy to know that I have a chance to make people happy and engage with people who I normally would never know even existed! I really do love you guys. 

I then decided I was going to make an effort to push myself to write more often.  I am thinking 2 times a week.  At minimum.  Because I have all these ideas in my weird little brain and want to share them with you guys.

(I am sorry about picture quality on any of my posts....  I need to get myself a proper camera!)

I really hope that I can write things you guys are interested in reading.

Please leave any ideas or requests in the comments I would love to hear from anyone with input.

Love you!

*Photo belongs to live life happy. :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Action Tea - Productivity Tea Review

So, Coffee in the morning has kind of a negative effect on me. My stomach will get very upset and it acts odd the rest of the day. So I ultimately stopped drinking coffee as often and started mainly drinking tea, juice, and water.

I have been trying out different things to try to help me stay awake and this was the best substitute I found for coffee.

I got this as a sample from someone and drank it the morning after staying up late and it was amazing.  Its from Action tea, I think it is new... Its called Productivity Tea!  I could really tell that the caffeine was working! It was the same as coffee for me! It just wasn’t coffee with all the milk and sugar it was just the tea and some honey, it was very light on my stomach. I loved it.

I just had one cup of tea with some honey in it. That was all I needed.

So, If you ever needed a pick me up that isn't as heavy as coffee and creamer then you can grab a bag of this and it will do the same thing.

*It's on sale for $20 right now you get 20 bags of tea with it.
Here is a LINK :)

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