Blogmas 2015: Day 4

Sorry for this being a little bit late! We have been very busy and I completely forgot to publish this one! Sorry!!

$5.50 - Asos
This would look so adorable on a bathroom or bedroom door. I would personally love this for the front door. It is just so cute and not that pricey.

$5.50 - Asos
If you are buying for someone who loves doing nails and loves glitter this might be the perfect thing to slip in their stocking this year. This website has two different styles and lighter pastel and then the colors in the picture

Santa's Belly (Crisp apple jelly Body wash)
This stuff smells amazing. I tried some at the store and fell in love. It smells like delicious apple pies and it is adorable with the glittery starts in them. It's so festive if you are having trouble getting into a festive mood this would definitely put you in the festive mood.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
This is such a pretty bath bomb, It is so colorful and smells so good the ingredients in it do wonders to your sink if you are shopping for anyone who loves to take baths and loves color then this would be perfect.

$4.99 - Amazon Prime
These are so much fun, adults might not be all for these but kids go crazy for them! I like them because I color my adult coloring books and then do some parts with these pens and
it gives my colored page a whole other aspect to look at.

The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar
This is an awesome product even though it is more on the pricey side of this post however this bubble bar should give you multiple uses and it smells awesome. Beware though! It is glittery!

Ciders Bath Bomb
Another really cool and pretty bath bomb! This is another one that I would love, just make sure you remember that this only can be used once! It really doesn't have the ability to be used more than once.

Limited Edition Candy Cane Chapstick
$7.99 Amazon Prime
These taste like Candy Canes, And during this time of year we have chapped lips anyway. So getting a little extra chap-stick would never hurt!

Holiday Flavor Collection Chapstick
$8.40 Amazon
This one have pumpkin, cake batter, and candy cane. So if you don't know which flavor they would like then you can just buy all three and they can pick which flavors they like!

Terry's Chocolate Orange
$5.18 Amazon
This orange chocolate is my favorite; especially this time of year!
They have dark chocolate ones too! Yumm!!

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