Now that our families know i can finally make an official post about this.
Cheyne Proposed to me on December 26th 2014. I kind of knew it was coming I just did not know when or where or how, I thought that it was so funny that even though I knew it was coming I was still very surprised when he did. My ring is perfect!

We have been looking into the Airforce for Cheyne for quite a long time now and he is going into DEP soon. Then I don't get to see him for TWO WHOLE MONTHS after he goes to basic.
But i am really trying to be positive because it will be worth it in the long run!

I dyed my hair red! I really love it!! I never dyed by whole head before so this is huge!! 

I also thought that i would keep you guys up to date on whats going on. especially since its not secret anymore.

I have to find out what I am allowed to post about the Airforce. It is our military. So i don't wanna put up stuff they don't like. <3 p="">I'm extremely excited for whats coming
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