Hey guys!!
Soo next weekend, not this coming up weekend but the next.
Were moving out of our apartment and into my dads to play the "saving money and waiting game" ...Not fun.. lol

I'll probably post about that later this week. sorry i haven't posted in a few days i have been quite busy. :)
I'm starting school in about 2 weeks. I only have 2 classes though so it won't be horrible.
What kind of school are you in? I'm currently in community college then going to transfer.

I think it is strange when you think about how we day dream about the future.. then its suddenly the future and your like "... I'm so not ready for this" but life is like "OHWELL" *drags you along anyway* ... No .. just me?? lol

i am really liking this blogging thing :) its a lot of fun i get to type and type and just talk about what ever i fancy.

I really miss my mom and sisters, if you didn't know they moved to arizona right after i graduated in july 2013, it was a difficult time for me because i was so used to our routine i had to move in with my dad (whom i love btw) but it was 45 minutes away from all of my friends and boyfriend so i wasn't very happy, i also hated my job at the time so i was a very unhappy person. But i have learned from it and grow and feel i am a stronger person for having it happened.

I really am shocked how many people i will have emailing me or even just looking at my blogs everyday i never expected this many people to be interested :)
So Thank You!! It makes my blogs alot more thought out and when you guys give me suggestions i really enjoy it because i feel like i am doing this for someone else and not just myself :)
If you ever have a problem, just need to talk, or want me to write about something particular just comment or message me :)

Good night !!
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