I have written this update about 12 times I think.
I really would like to get back into blogging.. I know I haven't been good about this. (You all tell me on my Snapchat alllll the time.) I just felt for a while like I couldn't be a blogger. It just wasn't for me. But I have been bettering myself for the past year and I feel like I might be ready to jump back into this again.
Please don't hold me to this.. It also might not be exactly what you are used to reading from me. That's because I am happy now, I am much more in tune with myself. I know better what I like, I know what is fun to me.

So please, comment or message me on Snapchat about what you like. I would like to do a "what I ate today" post and maybe some Pathfinder (D&D) posts (because we are nerds). Definitely plan on doing some baby posts.

Thank you for understanding hopefully I will be posting again very soon.
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