I know I am a little late, but Lily is here!
As I am writing this she is napping in her bassinet. She is a really good baby, 
we are just still learning together. 
We induced early due to some possible complications which I will write about in another post soon. It's crazy to have a tiny who relies on you for everything, she is my whole world and I wouldn't change her for anything. 

She was born on March 21st, 6lbs 1oz.

 She was maybe two days old here, we were still in the hospital.
 I am in love with this onsie, and her of course. She was so cute all curled up in her bassinet.
 This was after a few weeks, but it reminds me of when we brought her back from the hospital, I was so scared because she was tiny and I swear barely fit in her car seat.
Baby dab.


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