We have some news! I am pregnant! 
If you follow us on social media you probably know that I am pregnant.
I am 16 weeks & 4 days.
I am starting to get a small bump already.
We are so incredibly excited.

I will start posting weekly bumpdates every monday. :)

Here are a few photos!

The pregnancy test, we found out at approximately 4 weeks. I just had a feeling and so I took a test!
 I actually couldnt beleive it. so I took 3 more. Then I also took a ton throughout the week. 
I was obsessed! 

The first ultrasound picture. I was so nervous to get the ultrasound. This is my first pregnancy so I had no idea what to do doctor wise. 
My dad nicknamed it sharky because it looks like there is a shark fin. 
This is where we found out that the baby is measuring a little bit behind. just a few days.

The second scan was a bonus! We went to get the nuchal translucency scan, but the baby was too small! So we just got a bunch of pictures and to see our tiny move a ton!

Then we finally went for the real nuchal translucency scan! Thankfully everything is perfect. We moved so we also switched our obgyn and this one actually had a better 
scan machine. (I'm not sure what it is called. lol) 

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