Universal Studios! 
We finally got to goto Universal Studios for the first time in FOREVER!
I was so excited to go especially for the Wizarding World. Since I am a huge fan of Harry Potter! I recently took the Pottermore quiz instead of all the other ones online and I got Gryffindor. So I was very excited to buy a few things. (Which will be coming in another post!)

We went on just a few rides and ate some food and watched part of the Mardi Gras parade.

We went to the Wizarding World!

I got the regular soda butterbeer and Cheyne got the Frozen butterbeer. It seems like they have changed the recipe a little bit. It is a bit more bitter than it was before, trust me it is still perfection.

We went to the leaky cauldron for lunch. We got the Peachtree Fizzing Tea, the Specialty Chicken Sandwhich, Bangers and mash, Butterbeer Potted Pudding, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.
The food was amazing and so was the atmosphere.

I love that there was a Hello Kitty store. I was pleasantly surprised, I have never seen this before so I think it might be new! They had tons of yummy adorable yummy sweets.

Finally the Mardi Gras parade!
They had cute sections set up for the Mardi Gras events and it was adorable.

Finally we went to the Jessie J concert, I didn't think we were going to stay for the whole thing because we were exhausted, but we did! She was amazing, cute, funny, adorable, agreeable, and so down to earth. She pulled people up on stage who sung with her, she had conversations with the audience. It was amazing and soo unexpected!

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