February Favorites

One of my most constant favorites in the Coconut Lime Breeze spray from Bath and Body works. It smells like an Island Vacation and I absolutely adore it. It is a summer sense but I use it all year round because it is the bomb.

I picked up this color in the beginning in February from Walgreens. (My favorite corner store) L’oreal nail color ‘pass the vino’ 213. I picked up this color because I was tired of my normal blues and greens. I fell in love with it. I feel it’s kind of a “grown up color”.

A company I did a photography project for my address to send me something, those lovely lovely people sent me a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! It smells like chocolate! As you probably know this is a very common palette and this range from Too Face is really popular. The shades that I use the most are White Chocolate, Marzipan, Milk Chocolate, Cherry Cordial and Black Forest Truffle.

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 10 peice set Facetnating. I picked these up 2 or 3 months ago from Target, then I put them in the linen closet and never took them back out until late January. They are soft, nicely weighted, and beautiful to look at. I didn’t use these for a while and I wish I would have taken them sooner. 

Now, This is a Drug store/Corner store candle. But I always get them and I love them. 
Its the Wood wick candle made by patriot candles, The one I have right now is the Tropical Bliss triplet candle. It has 3 layers of different but pleasant smells. Our other favorite is the Vanilla Cedar Wood Scent. We normally put that one in the bathroom because it smells so good and that's a place that can smell so horribly. 

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