We took a trip to Siesta Key Beach when my grandma was down last weekend. 
It was a little stormy out but I still loved it.
Do be careful if you are going to go to the beach right now because red tide is pretty bad at the moment. It makes my sinuses act up and it can smell.
Other than that we had fun!

I love this beach because of the quiet sitting area near the parking lot, it is like a park and a beach all at once. It's a lot of fun. You can buy food at the food stands or bring a packed lunch. When ever I go we always explore a different section of the new beach. It has been here forever and I have been going since I was a little kid! However lately they have been doing tons of construction around the area and its very pretty and neat! 

I didn't think any of these would come out when I took them, but apparently a few did come out great! Pictures of birds is a new one for me so I definitely took the opportunity to 
try my hand a photographing as many birds as I could.

Walking along the beach there were a few sand sculptures, they were really cool! 
I know I couldn't do this!! These are a few of the once we came across.

Overall we really needed a nice walk on the beach, It was very peaceful and relaxing. This is the beach we will be getting married on. and it was nice to visit for a bit just Cheyne and I.

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