The Dali Museum

On Sunday, Cheyne, his Mom and I wen't to the Dali Museum we wen't to see the M.C. Escher exhibit since it will only be there until January 3rd. It was really cool to see the art work, they had free audio guides for it, but I decided to opt out and take my time viewing. I really enjoyed it. I love art so I felt perfectly fine there. I took my camera but I feel it's a bit wrong to take pictures of a museum of art and post it online. (And you're not allowed to take pictures in that specific exhibit.)  

We went out into the garden and went through the labyrinth. It's not very long but it's very peaceful.
It is nice that they have a reflection area for people to go relax in. 

There was this awesome tree where people tied off their wristbands from the museum.
It's even more amazing in person. these pictures don't do it justice.

The view from just outside the museum. It's an awesome space to talk and hangout.

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