I took a trip to the mall about a week ago and walked past Bath & Body works

Of course they are having their semi-annual sale. I didn't go in that day.
But I did go back 4 days later! I had to go in a buy some things. I love candles and I love yummy smelling things. Sooo I bought 3 candles a new spray (I only got it because it was on sale and I am almost out of my old one.) I also got 3 new soaps for the kitchen and bathroom.

The 3 candles that I bought were Sunkissed Days (No longer in stock, at all.)  the pinky one is called Oahu Coconut Sunset (they do still have this candle it just has different packaging) and then the Honolulu Sun (which is unfortunately also no longer in stock.)

I have used this for years! I love it. So whenever they have a sale I have to pick one up. 
I love it because it has a beachy scent that reminds me of sun tan lotion.
I got 3 soaps, the Turquoise Waters Foraming Hand Soap I liked it because my dad has it in his guest bathroom at his house and I always love it. I also got the Cozy Vanilla Cream and Toasted Vanilla Coconut but both of those are out of stock now too.

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