Blogmas 2015: Day 8

I personally love seeing other peoples Christmas trees and all their decorations. There are so many pretty ornaments you can collect and so many different styles that people like to decorate their trees.

This is my Tia and Tio's tree and ornaments:
They have a blue and silver theme.
 My Tia made these they are just some silver polka-dot ribbon and a clear bulb.

They also added Batman, Spiderman and Darth Vader. 

Sunday night we went over to my dads house and we made cookies and got the decorations down from the attic and  decorated the house (The other decorations will be in another post.)
I love the colorful lights and all the different ornaments that we have accumulated over time.

My First Christmas!

I bought this last year from the Florida Aquarium for JJ as a Christmas gift, she loves dolphins.

It's Cheyne and I's first Christmas in our own apartment, we couldn't wait to get a tree, we opted for a fake tree this year (Never again) because of the cats and how Nala loves to eat everything. She has tried chewing on a few of the fake branches then I squirted her with 
the water bottle and after a few times she stopped it.

I really liked the 'C' there was no 'H' and technically my name isn't Hammond yet anyways! We thought 'C' would work find because My name is Cheyenne and his is Cheyne (Shane). 

 I feel like this is needed in today's world. Love and Peace.

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