I started my blog August of last year...

It has been over a year! 

I was looking at my blog today and noticed something I never noticed before. I have gained quite the amount of views on my posts since when I first started.  Now before you go and think "well duh Chey, no one knows who you are at first."  I still think it is crazy that people even read this.  I don't find myself too interesting, I don't think i am even close to good blogging material.  But it seems like people keep reading even when I don't post for a month...  (I got very lazy.) It makes me so happy to know that I have a chance to make people happy and engage with people who I normally would never know even existed! I really do love you guys. 

I then decided I was going to make an effort to push myself to write more often.  I am thinking 2 times a week.  At minimum.  Because I have all these ideas in my weird little brain and want to share them with you guys.

(I am sorry about picture quality on any of my posts....  I need to get myself a proper camera!)

I really hope that I can write things you guys are interested in reading.

Please leave any ideas or requests in the comments I would love to hear from anyone with input.

Love you!

*Photo belongs to live life happy. :)
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