Do you know what washi tape is? 

I have fallen in love with Washi tape. It is always adorable and so fun to use and makes normal things look absolutely adorable and cute! 
I only have about 6 things of tape right now.

but booooy have I been shopping for more! I am in love! 
The website I have been looking at is cutetape ! It is so fun because they carry more than just washi tape, but stamps, ribbon, straw, bags, etc.
They also have a blog and project ideas section!

So here is the top 10 on my wishlist! 
1. Colorful birds on a wire, it's so cute. I love it.
 Mini Colorful Birds on Wire Washi Tape 15mmx5m
  2. Encyclopedia Tape! It has 6 different kinds to choose from: Animal, Marine, Mineral, Numbers, Plant, Solar System. I want theses so badly.
3. Colorful fish! I mean.. Come on! They are so adorable I love fish as well! 
4. Glitter Tape, Its so pretty. I really want the 'Dots Turquoise' 'Soft Gold' and 'Emerald Green' (I would totally go for the 'Peach Pink' color too)
5. Seal Wax. I would love this. I would probably use this for closing envelopes! :D 
6. "Keep Calm and Carry On"  I love this saying, its actually perfect. :) I would put this on every note book I have! 
7. Black Music Notes. Clearly I am a music lover.
8. Camera Photo Life. I love this because what blogger doesn't love taking photos!
9. "Handmade with love" Come on. so cute I would put this on my packaging when I ship stuff from my etsy shop easily.

And last but not least....

10. Circuit Board, My nerd is coming out. 
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