Rome, Italy 

We left Florida on may 23rd, flew to DC and then went to Istanbul and  then flew to Rome, we got into Rome something like 2 in the morning. the total travel time was almost 24 hours, It was crazy! 

The plane there was really cool! I thought I got pictures of the inside but apparently I did not :) We stayed at this amazing B&B in Rome called 'Le Finestre di Luz' and it was just so cute and adorable.
I think what i loved most about this place was the atmosphere, i wasn't like staying in a huge hotel, it was very cozy and family like.

We then went to the Vatican museum, It was amazing the culture and architecture that was there. Here are a few pictures, we took so many i don't know what I am going to do with them all!  

I really love this place

I mean... even the walls in this place are just perfect.

Since it was on the way we stopped by and checked out St Peters. So amazing. 

Walking down on of the main roads on the way back to the B&B. It was just so amazing. 

I will be posting Part Two soon!
Check back for it! 

Love you !! 

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