Hey guys! I have had a few people ask me about a life update since the last one where I told you I was engaged and that my fiance was going into the Air Force.

Air Force?? 

Well... Things have changed he actually got a new job offer and has been with this company now for like.. . four or five weeks. He loves it, the perks are amazing and we both love that this company has an opportunity for promotions and such. Also when Cheyne went for his physical stuff at MEPS they told him that he had to wait for confirmation from higher ups for a waiver for a skin condition they thought he had. His family doesn't have a history of this but they never did tests or even sent him to a dermatologist for confirmation. It was all just a guess.
Well it took them about two or three months to come to a decision and in that time cheyne got the job offer and left the company he was at. The day he went for his first day of work, that same night got the call that the Air Force had denied his waiver request. We had a chance to go get it verified that he didn't have it and such but we came to the conclusion that we wanted to stay here, see where this job would take us and it felt right.
We haven't closed the door on the Air Force but were letting things go the way they want to go. Cheyne really loves where he is at.

We are still engaged! 

YAYY! lol Not that I ever thought we wouldn't be lol. I have had some people asking because they don't see me posting wedding planning stuff.
I have not completely started planning anything yet. I think I know where we want it, we just don't even have a budget for the wedding yet.. so were trying to figure all that out..
We really want to get married on May 31st... but that is a Tuesday.. lol so we were thinking about the weekend before that. We just don't know yet.


So we have moved a lot lately. But Cheyne's new job is about an hour and twenty minutes away from where we are staying now. So we started apartment hunting and budgeting to see what we could afford. We found a complex that is being built right now that is about 20 minutes from his new job we really like it and got a really good price on it for 15 months!! YAYYY!!
Our move in date is the 3rd of June.. it was may 13th but they had a delay in construction and had to push the date back into our trip! So we had to push it back another week and a half!! UGHH!!

Here is a link to my last update where I talked about getting engaged, the Air Force announcement, and dying my hair:Click here!!

I'm not including my hair dying in these anymore. I have a page for this here!!
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