I have never posted something like this before...  I normally keep my views on this to myself because I am afraid to hurt someones feelings.

So here's the deal... 

I have two younger sisters... I do not want them to feel the way I did about my body though 5th grade, middle school and high school...

If I could go back and show myself this post.... I really would.. just to make myself realize that I shouldn't have been so incredibly self conscious..

For a long time I wore shirts and shorts over my swim suit in the water... because I didn't want to be judged..  I felt very uncomfortable with out them on.    I am still very uncomfortable.     If it were not for my amazing Cheyne... I would still be horribly self conscious.

When I was about nine or ten... I went to a sleep over at a friends house.. I brought a pair of my favorite shorts.. They got stuff written on them when I was sleeping and I did not even notice..
Now.. I was not a big child... not to mention I was only ten!  I never felt more embarrassed in my life when I found out that they had written on the back of my shorts. I never was friends with them again after that. I always felt really upset around them.

Here is the main reason I am writing this post now instead of saving it:

Cassey Ho posted a YouTube video about body shaming and Photoshop. It is called The "Perfect" BodyIt gives a powerful message across with out her saying anything. It shows her emotions the whole time though and gives a nice explanation about how just a few comments can make you feel!

I have never heard of her before this and Instantly fell in love with her... (Obviously not love love)
but seriously...

I think the words fat and overweight are used way too casually. Phrases like      "Someone who is overweight shouldn't wear leggings"      is basically saying they are too fat to be comfortable.

What is it hurting if they decide to wear that? 
Seriously.. who is it hurting!? 
Why is everyone so judgmental. 

Just because I am not tiny and have a little extra chub on me and I don't have the most defined abs... lol... that does not mean I am overweight, that does not mean I am fat. 

I have self esteem issues... yes... but I do not however think I am fat 
Just because someone does have a little extra chub does not mean you have the right to call them fat. 

Fat is a thing... Not an adjective. 
It should not be something that defines who someone is. 

There are people who will think    "Oh well she is just sensitive."   
Or people who will say     "Stop being such a baby all your doing is complaining." 

But that is not what is going on... What is going on is that too many young teens are "dieting" because they have been told they are not slim enough to be pretty. . .  

I say slim because being skinny is just like the word fat. I know a lot of people who are slim and healthy but they get told "Why are you so skinny?" or    "Your too skinny eat a sandwich." 

There are also people who say "I want to be skinny!" and that has become a very negative word.

No . . . That is the wrong way of looking at it... They only way it should be looked at is... 

Are you healthy?

Being healthy is the only thing that we need to worry about. I do not care if you think I am too "Fat" Or the slightly less mean term "Overweight" ... As long as I am healthy.. I am going to loose wight if I feel the need, I am going to drink soda if I  think I am able too. 

My doctor has the ability to confront me if things get out of hand... so does my family.. 

But we need to remember that this is a very sensitive subject... You cannot just tell someone that you feel they are overweight and they should diet.  

Remember that not everyone is open about their diet and exercising... So just because you don't hear or see anything does not mean they aren't healthy.

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