I thought it might be fun to share the way I have been doing my nails lately. I use a combination of:

-Essie Coat Couture #974 from the Cashmere Matte collection
-Essie  Summit Of Style #946 from Luxeffects collection
-Mini Gelish Top It Off in combination with the Gelish lamp.

I got mine at Sally's beauty store, I opted for the LED light instead of the UV light since I feel safer using the LED light. 
Make sure your nails are completely free of nail polish and cleaned. If they are not the matte coat will dry funny and it will mess up the whole system... 
So don't mess up the system.
Coat 1 of Essie coat couture.
Coat 2 of Essie coat couture.
 Only one coat of Essie summit of style and one coat of Gelish Top It Off.
Put your nails under the light until the light goes out... I usually do four and then my thumb.
 They are super shiny afterwards. Even using the matte coloring it ends up a very nice shimmery shiny color. 
One day I am going to go buy the matte Gelish top coat and just use the coat couture. I love the color by its self. 
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