As you may know I am getting married soon!!...ish??

So we are currently planning and looking at all the options we have and i have been looking at these websites and I found *this one*. I really think I like it. Most of the stuff is completely affordable and you can customize almost everything.

Here are some of the wedding favors I have been looking at:
I really like the idea of practical wedding favors, like tea, candles, coasters, note pads, etc.

I was debating giving people a huge picture of our faces...... But decided against it. ;)


So, I love tea! I was looking at these adorable tea sachets, I fell in love. They are literally the cutest things ever.
This is where they are. Click here!! 

2. Candle Holders!!! 

another idea i really like is this chalkboard candle holders, because then who ever takes them can write what ever they want on them.
You can find them *here*

3.Stemless Wine Glasses!!!

Now, You could probably find these stemless wine glasses cheaper but i have not been able to find the style i like anywhere else. i really love the 'tree' style and the 'fall' style. I might get these.. I am not completely sure though. but I really love these ALOT!
Here you go. 

Now... I have not planned anything in this aspect, I'm really just browsing and looking, these are just stuff that I really like the idea of, I feel people could use these not just during the wedding but after.

Love you!!

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