So about two weeks ago (3/7/2015) I tried the eSalon hair dye because I was not happy paying about $60 to get my hair dyed just for it to fade out in two weeks. Now I really wanted my hair a mahogany/purple/red color. This is a pretty difficult color to achieve and I get closer every time I try. Since I will be using this product again I decided I would go ahead and document every trial and error for all of you to see. Then you might even decide to try your hand at at-home hair maintenance. 
Now, This was the first one I got. 
I do not know if this is what you get every time ( I would think you would) Or if this is only the first order. Once I get the second kit I will let you know. (Enter Update Here <3 nbsp="" p="">
1. Developer 20. This is the developer that the eSalon colorist thought would work best to help my hair absorb the color. This will vary depending on your hair color.

2. Custom Hair Color, Bottle 1: For Roots. I used almost all of this color but i did miss one spot because I did not look over very carefully. I had my cousin Desi help with the dying because it can be very difficult to dye the back of your hair effectively with out someone to catch the missed spots. 

3. This is the Perfect Match Kit! You can see what is inside in the second picture. 

4. Enhancing Gloss, Bottle 2: For Ends. I did use all of this. In my directions they had me mix what I had left and an equal amount of water, shake, and before I was to rinse out my hair I put the rest throughout my hair. I did this WITHOUT my gloves but next time just to be safe I would use gloves.

5.This is the second bottle of 20 Developer and they had me use this with my Bottle 2. 

6. Brush. We did not use this, we just Used the ends of the bottles to squirt it in my hair and mixed it throughout my roots with our hands.

Next Up Is The contents of #3. The Perfect Match Kit. 

7. Product Safety & Usage packet: PLEASE read this before you do anything and make sure you have it on hand when your coloring so you can refer back to it. 

8. Two lovely latex gloves. I am allergic to latex but had no problems with these. I wore them for about 2.5 hours and was just fine.

9 & 10. This color safe shampoo and conditioner I would use when you are rinsing out your dye. You don't have to worry about getting the dye on your bottle of shampoo and it's a generous amount. Definitely enough for you to get the access dye out of your hair. 

11. This stain guard is for you to put on your ears, forehead, neck, forearms, etc.
There is so much of this stuff you can definitely have enough for everywhere that might get dyed.

12. Stain Remover : The thing that removes all stains even on your clothes. Seriously... It got the dye off of my shorts. 

A few things I really love about this kit is the price.. Only $20, You get all this stuff for less than you would get at a salon. I have heard the critics too!! Yes Sally's Beauty Supply charges only a few dollars for the dye, but you have to remember you are not just buying the dye with eSalon. You are having someone custom make your color,they are taking into considering what color you hair is already, on top of if it is dyed or not. You also get the other little things you can buy in bulk at Sally's Beauty Supply. So you might be getting less supplies. But you are having someone customize your color and giving you all of the supplied to do it.

If you are someone who really has one color you have been using for years and love it. Don't go to eSalon, you won't be happy. Your color will be off, it won't be as cheap as you are used to. You will be wasting you money on stuff you probably already have at home. 

BUT if you are looking to change your color up or looking to DIY the way your salon does your hair this might be the best beginners guide I have ever come across, It's inexpensive, you don't have to worry about measuring, you don't have to worry about forgetting something, and it is only $20.

All-In-All I am very happy about the color my hair is and I love the texture as well. If you would like to order or look into this more you can click here.

You do have to watch it once you sign up because it sets up automatic payments to come out for however often you decide to set the frequency for. The way to fix this is to log into your account, Underneath your profile picture click on 'Your Color Plan' and from there you can change your Delivery date, Skip your upcoming order, Send color now or Change your frequency. It is a bit of a pain but not that hard to log in and skip this months order. I just wouldn't wait until a week before delivery because then they might have already started making it.

I really push you to do your research before you decide on a salon, company, or just your local beauty store because you want to insure you will be getting the best deal for your situation. Before you go anywhere or do anything to your hair, find out the color you want and if your willing to experiment a little to achieve that color or want it right away. I find I like experimenting because it is fun to see what color look best and what colors don't look so good.

You can see my hair colors here. :) 
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