White Coffee Mug from justbenice.com
Photo from just be nice website.

I stumbled upon a pretty awesome website the other day.

It is a campain started so people feel like they should "just be nice" even to strangers and random people on the street.
I really love this because this is how I try to live my life. When someone is being mean I try my hardest to stay positive and be nice because they might need it. 
Not to mention what good is not being nice? Your unhappy all day?

When your in the customer service line, angry because they gave you the wrong colour chair maybe you could try calming down. When you are there don't let your self think "This is wasting my time" or "Why should I have to pay for your mistake?" 
Try remembering that you are a human being and so are they! 
You can always do the right thing even when someone else tries to undermine you. 
Don't sink to their level just because you want to get back at them.
That's just silly.
The reason they sell things like this is to try to spread the word to be nice and do exactly what i just talked about above.
I just purchased the mug pictured above.  I love it. :)

I will totally buy the bumper stickers and maybe even the women's hoodie

If you agree with the philosophy "Just be nice" you should hop on over and take a peak. You can also read more about there foundation by going to the website, at the very top of the page you will see "Our Story".
There you can read about the sisters who are the owners, and their father who
 originally founded the company. 
You can click Here to go to the website :) 

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