Okay, let me start off my saying ASOS is having a 50% off sale!!
This is stuff that I would personally buy with my Christmas money! <3 I think these are the best 5 things i found AFTER we opened Christmas presents. 

1. The very first thing that caught my eye was this "Christmas pug case" I personally think even after Christmas i would have this on... if only they had one for my Note 3!!

2. Another is this AMAZING "Rare Opulence Beaded Babydol Dress"! If I hadnt spent all of my money on gas, food and presents for everyone else this would be in my closet right now!!! 
3. This "ASOS Jumper With Ripple Stitch And Roll Neck" is the BEST this thing looks sssoooo comfyyyy!!! I want it. 

4. The next is the "ASOS Texture Top with Curved Hemi" want and might buy... It looks like something i would wear to work with a nice necklace, some earring and my hair up in a side braid. 

5. I never used to understand Cardins. Recently i went shopping and picked out a few to try with some dresses but soon realized the abundance of outfits i had with my new additions. I have been eyeing mustard colored things for a while and i really want to try this color too!! Here i introduce my favorite out of everything i've posted the awesome "ASOS Ultimate Chunky Cardigan"!

I did not link to the products themselves because under Asos 'Terms and conditions' page it says to like to the main page only. Sorry guys!! <3


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