Imagine, You get home and your pumped to do your homework and just get it finished! So you get your computer and homework materials. Suddenly you remember "I haven't had lunch yet!" next comes "Ooh, *Insert favorite TV show here* is on!" next is "I'm so slee..p.  *SNOOORREE*" then the day is gone and you didn't ever do your homework! 

Your walking down the hallway to your English class. Thinking "What will we be doing today?" and suddenly you remember... "I have an outline due!"   .. OOPSIE!! .. 

I have struggled with this as long as i can remember. I am in college right now, and working, and dealing with some huge life decisions, this is no time for me to start procrastinating. 
I have come up with a couple ways to work on my procrastination. 

1. I have started this blog, I've had my ups and downs with it, But I've figured out how to schedule times for blog and others for school and work. That's what you have to do. Schedule and try to stick to it. Is it hard? YEAHH! lol But it helps you from getting overwhelmed. Even if you dont have a blog. there are a lot of things to juggle in your life and having a schedule helps so much! 

2. Take your larger projects, and break them down in to smaller pieces that are easier to start on. This helps because it is easier to do an outline if you know what you are going to write first, So you could start with researching and finding different subjects before you actually start on the whole outline. 

3. ASK FOR HELP! Having a parent, boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends can really help open up your mind and give you some new ideas. Help you develop a thought process. 

4. Eliminate Distractions. If you get distracted by the TV, Go outisde or in a room with no TV. If its a computer, then use paper and books, I find if i have to use the computer than i love to goto the library. The quiet and library feel tends to make me feel like I get things done and it makes me more motivated. turn off your phone if you need to. 

I really hope this helps! 
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