My favorite possession is only one thing and it is very special to me because I don't have many thinks that i would consider my "favorite". I would rather prefer memories and family, I guess I would rather have cheap than expensive if that's what is easiest and make the most memories. My favorite possession is a necklace that I got from my mom this past Christmas after she moved to Phoenix with my two little sisters and I still live here in Florida I didn't get to see her for Christmas so she sent it to me in a little box and sent me all the little pieces in different little containers. It was very cute and i loved it!! I wear this VERY often! 

The heart with 'Nana' and it is obviously about my great grandmother, she passed away a few years ago, the wand is probably because I love Harry Potter, The Blue Diamond I think is for my birthday I was born in December and it's my favorite color and I want to do marine biology and its be color is the ocean so I guess that totally works. The little turtle is because i love turtles, i want to save all of the turtles, and i love the ocean. I really want to help with the efforts to save our precious waters. <3

Sisters on the inside is because, well, I love my little sisters. <3 I have two little ones... They are annoying and butt-heads but i still love them. 
So yeah!! There it is!! <3 i'd love to hear about your favorite possessions.

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