Hey Guys!! My top 5 are going to be things to do on a rainy day!!

This really applies to me because i live in Florida!! (The "sunshine" state... lol I think when we say that we are wishfully thinking!!)

1. Catch up on your TV shows!! (Netflix and Hulu are your BEST friends!) 
There is really nothing better than snuggling up on the couch or in bed with your favorite snacks catching up on all the shows you are too busy to watch all other days!!

2. Cook some really yummy things for the week!! 
 If you have been craving something specific for days then go make it!!! Or you can use up all of those extra little snacks and ingredients in your fridge!

3. Organize your house!! 
It doesn't have to just be your house.. it could be your bag, room, cabinets, closet, clothes drawers!! Sometimes it will have you feeling really productive.

4. Home spa!! 
Have some different beauty products you've been meaning to try just never have the time?? PERFECT!! Give your self a spa day. Use some Masks, or create your own. New body wash, nail polish, face scrub, hair masks or even try on a bunch of new make up looks.

5. Catch up. 
Have a bunch of calls you need to make? how about some homework you need to catch up on? or even some hobbies you haven't "gotten around to" lately. :) USE TODAY!! Seriously. its good to take time and do these things. Chances are it wont take all day so do this first. Then go try to so some of the others I've listed, it would be nice after catching up to relax. :)
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