So... I am aware that i am about 7 days late but GUYSSS!! ITS OCTOBER!! <3 I am so exciteddd.
Mainly becuase my birthday is in 73 dayss and it is totally the official start to the holiday season!!!
So i am down here in Tampa, Florida where we are known as the "Sunshine"or even the "bipolar" state..
And on Friday it literally completely did a 180 and cooled down  a LOT, I am actually very excited this year. 

I am going to update you a little becuase last month i was kind of MIA.. 
My boyfriend and i got in a car accident in the begginning of the month, My hand is very hurt so you can imagine what it was like trying to type (Right now i am typing with one hand). It still hurts a lot and i am still going to the dr and doing tests.. So i do apologize. Im trying to stay caught up. 

Anywayyyy!! Im very excited for this month as i have so much planned for my blog in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. 

I have somethings from last month i still have to post then i have clothes and lush hauls coming up. 
I am super excited to do some of the holloween projects i have planned. 

It really enourages me when i see your emails so please keep 'em comin' 
I miss my "blog atmosphere" that has dissapeared for quite some time now. 

I am back now!! <3 

 I do not own any of these photos <3

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