I haven't been in very good spirits lately. I noticed I have been very upset and sad. I've been extremely depressing to be around sometimes.. 
I just have been wanting to cry. Even now as I type this I am starting to tear up. 
I have no explanation. No reason. At times when things go just right, and if I happen to
magically loose all of my stress for a little while, I can be extremely nice, caring and fun, back to my normal blonde quirky self.

If I am stressed enough though I just start feeling bad. Like I noticed sometimes when I feel sick it is actually me going through something extremely stressful, as soon as the stress is gone I almost immediately feel better.

I LOVE my family, boyfriend and few friends that talk to me. 
I don't LOVE my job but it is a lot better than most jobs.
My cats make me feel super LOVED.
^^ apparently when I am upset i start writing lists of things i love.. lol

I'm not sure why i am writing this. . . 
I guess i felt i would let you guys see another part of me. 
"Isn't this a little pre-mature for the length your blog has been up?"  -- probably.. but my blog isn't about getting more views, getting money or more popular. 
Its for ME for my sanity. i love writing to my tiny yet amazing audience and the emails i get are so inspiring.

Never stop being happy and being amazing guys.
Even when you feel depressed, upset, or stressed. 
Try to keep the good LOVEABLE thoughts in mind. <3
(: You can ALWAYS talk to me. :)
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