Day 2 of the blogger challenge is to review a product, service or brand! 

1. Sally hansen Gel Top Coat: Now.. I know you are supposed to use the strips with this but i feel as though this works too!!  I really like the gel coat over my nails, I always get it at the salon for the extra $5... I feel like this has definitely been worth the money.. I payed like, $15 dollars for the whole thing and loved it! It is good quality top coat that, when you do it correctly, and will keep your polish on for a long time. It works better with the gel polishes that are meant to go with this product but really does do a good job with other polishes too! 

2. Sally Hansen Matte coat. I love matte finish because sometimes it looks better than just having the regular shiny top coat on. It's also nice to change things up sometimes! I love this product because it goes on smooth, yes you have to work faster than normal because this does dry fast but that's one thing i like about it. I can be very busy and like to have my nails looking nice, sometimes i don't have an hour and a half to make my nails look amazing.  It isn't too thick unless you put more than one coat on which i personally don't think you need more than one coat. The bottle this comes in has the matte finish on the bottle and i think that is a genius idea!

3.  The 'Autumn Spice' Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel, which smells amazing. Is probably my new favorite fall nail polish. You can imagine how it smells! Like pumpkin and cinnamon lol It only takes about two coats to give it a nice amount of sparkle and color and it isn't thick at all! I can't even feel it on my finger nail. I have to say the bottle these come in are absolutely adorable. I might find a way to keep them if I ever actually use the whole thing! lol 

4.  The 'Bordeaux' Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel is such a sweet yet savory smell. It almost like an apple smell with a hint of sweetish wine. lol I love this color as a darker shade which normally takes two coats but if you want a brighter red shade you can do one coat and it looks just fine. Again this is a very smooth polish and works well in making nail designs. 

Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Mini LED Lamp.

All nails done, with Revlon parfumerie and Sally Hansen gel top coat on. 

Index finger with the matte finish. 

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