Let's see, in five years from now it will be September 21st 2019.. I would be 24 years young..
I hope that i will be...
  1. Alive, It is always good to have that goal in mind :)
  2. Graduating/continuing my college academics. The things i'm majoring in tend to take a while to complete.
  3. I really would love to be married already... my dream wedding date is may 31st.. And that is the next year that it will be on a Saturday.... (Hope that ins't too weird ??)
  4. i would like to have been traveling the world, I want to see England, Ireland, Poland, Italy, japan, Australia, France, Canada... I want to go to California, Bahamas, Hawaii...... 
  5. Have my scuba licence.. Oh how it is my dream to swim in the depths of the ocean <3
  6. Have a lot of cats!!! ^_^ MEOWW! ;)
  7. I would love to be able to support myself even though i love my amazing boyfriend of about 3 years.... I would still love to have independence.
  8. Not have children yet :) I think i have my life planned out by the year... And that time has not come yet :)
  9. Have a husband that is very successful and confident in what ever he does. 
  10. Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle
  11. Have my father walk me down the aisle
  12. Have my abuelita (Great grandmother) At my wedding.
  13. I hope i will have paid a strangers tab at a restaurant at least once!! 
  14. Have my hair grown out REALLY long! 
  15. I hope i will have learned to say 'No' with out feeling the need to explain why.
  16. Scuba dive to the Great Barrier Reef before it is all gone <3
I think i will stop there because 16 is just an awesome number! :)
If you have any goals by 2019 i would love to head them :) 
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