Most people get really nervous before an interview.
Either your dream job or your first interview you always have a few things you should really look into.
Here are a few things my boyfriend and I always make sure we do before an interview..

  • Look into the job you are applying for, it never looks good when you apply for a data entry job and you have no idea how to use the system they work on (at least make sure you know what the system is called)

  • What kind of job is it?  Should you be super dressed up?  Jeans okay? Skirt?  Facial hair?  Dyed hair? (blue, pink, and purple tend to be looked down on)
  • Always look up some common interview questions before and go over how you would answer them. Have someone in the car with you before hand to ask them or at least go over them right before you walk in.  
  • Leave early!!  We leave an hour and a half early so if anything goes wrong you can still make it.  
  • Plan your outfit ahead of time so if you need anything washed you can wash it, or go buy appropriate clothes. (nothing is more stressful than having to run to Walmart to find a shirt that fits and is dressy enough to wear to a job interview. 

I know what some of you are thinking...
"A lot of buissness don't care if I wear jeans so I will forever wear jeans to everything because the world won't really care!"

In able to get a good job... Unfortunately you will have to wear good dress pants/skirt. It's about image.  And sometimes it is good to be "old fashiond"

Even if you are applying for a job where everyone wears jeans.  It can be a very good first impression to dress up a little.  You would stand out in a very professional way.  
I hope this helps!  I also hope this explains a lot as well.  Remember this is coming from two 20 yr olds who have been living on their own for a while.  We have learned from family and our own experiences.  

Nothing looks better than having confidence in your self during your interview.  
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