I didnt notice when i posted this before a week ago that i never finished it! I'm So sorry! 
Here is the updated posting:

Hey guys!
So this is the second month i got the wantable box. I wanted to wait to see if they kept up with the higher end products in their boxes and i have been very pleased. not disappointed at all!
I figured i would show you what i got, how i like it, and where to find each item if you would like to purchase it your self :)


This is the box that the wantable products come in:
When you open it. It looks like this :)
This is almost exactly how it was packaged. 
 1. Vincent Longo dew drop radiant blush: I really like the way this looks. It doesn't take a lot of product to add some color. It's light weight and has a small glimmer to it but not so much to add an awkward amount of sparkle to your  face. Also it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
2. Bright Addiction eye shadow by Ofra (melon): I like this because you can very easily alter it based on what shade you want. You don't have to put a thousand coats on to make it a pretty bright melon color (over exaggerating but still. LOL). It has a nice feel too it and goes on smoothly. You may definitely see me with some more natural colors added with this one mixed in. 
3. Mont-Bleu, luxury glass fashion nail file with swarovski crystals: I NEVER even knew about these until they sent me one in the wantable box. :) I love doing my nails and having them done, but i can't stand nail files. The feeling of them makes me nasous. So at first when i got this i wasn't very excited... Then i tried it on my nails.. OH MY GOODNESS it is aammaazziinngg! It files your nails smoothly. I would recommend this to anyone who is similar to me and doesn't like the feeling or noise of regular nail files :) 
4. MICA Beauty Cosmetics LPL04 Mahogani Lip pencil: I do have to say this before i say any more. I don't normally wear lipstick! I will play with it sometimes and i don't really like lip liner. However every other kind of lip liner i have ever played with was harder and hurt my lips when i put it on. I had to push a little hard and it did nearly nothing. When i put this it's nice a creamy texture but it still stays, it dosent smudge once it is on with lipstick it stays pretty nicely.

5. Smooth Shadow Creamy eye pencil in the color 'raven' by Elizabeth Mott: This eye liner had me at 'Creamy eye pencil' i opened it so quickly and was most definitely not disappointed. This is the black version of their three colors.. yes i'm already picking out the other one to buy, i'm 90% sure i'll use this every day. It's nice, not too heavy on your eye lid, it has SPARKLES but they aren't big huge sparkles that get in your eyes and hurt, they are small and fine and don't pop out at you but are subtle. I fell in love with this product and will use it until i find somthing better. . . Saving The Best For Last Right??!! 
OH! Do make sure if you buy this that you have an eye liner sharpener!
It sucks to have to put the eye liner on thick when it's not sharpened.

Here is the Wantable Shipping page for anyone who was wondering! :)
 *This is not a sponsored post*

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