So, i am now posting this from my bedroom in my dads house, We are staying here for two months until we save enough money to move into the apartment.
We are pretty set on This one place but are not completely convinced yet.
We like it here, but its just so funny because we have everything in boxed in the game room and have got more of our pets things then our own in our room.
#petparentsproblems  #Spoiledlittlebrats

We Should be moving out November 1st. We are going to be having multiple garage sales for a while until we have quite a bit of money stacked up and most of our things are gone. we aren't taking a lot AT ALL!!
I super scared yet surprisingly excited all at the same time!
It's a whole new chapter in our crazy book. We have got to start our lives how we would like.
Were debating going over to England and doing a study abroad program and seeing if we really like it over there. we love the way it looks and love the idea of it... but do not completely know if we want to live there for years. :) (Definitely interested)

Our Ex-roommate up and left all of the sudden to go into the army and he left ALL of his stuff. His bed, dresser, lamp, chairs, table, dinning set, china wear, silver wear, games, weight set, half his drawers were full of random stuff! That made our move 10 times harder, we had a Large moving van my boyfriends truck, extended back and cab and my own car and we still had to take 5 trips for EVERYTHING!
We're finishing up all the little things..  Like cleaning and such today. I reallh hope it goes by quick.

Here are some tips incase you are moving
1. Pack everything before hand. 
2. Get two or three trucks or trailers. 
3. Throw away as much as you can!! 
4. Garage sale, garage sale, garage sale!!
5. Keep out your toothbrush, hair brush, favorite clothes, razor and Anything else you use daily. 
Just a few ideas to help you think and keep a straight head next time you move.
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