Hello everyone!
I wanted to bring up a topic i am very passionate about.
I absolutely love the ocean. One day i am going to be a marine biologist and save all of the beautiful fishies! Mean while i am stuck here in my apartment trying to volunteer all i can to help while i am in school.
(beach clean ups, sea turtle watches, etc)

I will probably keep you updated with information about different ways you can help out with other causes i am passionate about!


The company Lush is having Shark Week, As well as trying to make the oceans safer for these majestic animals we are also helping with the clean up of oceans all around the world.
People don't always realize the impact we have on our beautiful oceans, or how what we do miles and miles away from the ocean can harm it. We are having BIG problems with bleaching of coral reefs, those are serious ecosystem boosters that when they die off, many species of ocean life will die off as well.

I'm very excited to share this news with you as i have been seeing more and more advocates for helping clean, save, and just help research our oceans. Since we know so little about them!

Believe it or not the ocean helps contribute to the amount of oxygen our atmosphere has. I think that's a pretty darn good reason to try to keep it as tip top shape as possible!

The company also has a ton of amazing things like bath bombs, body lotions, feet care, shower and hair products and currently they have a special line for shark week! :)

If you would like i could do a haul for you ! just comment or message me if you would like it! i will do it as soon as possible!

Thank You So Much!
<3 ^_^
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