^^ Super yummy smelling candle I got. 
It was so much fun! I love furniture shopping.
If you don't know what Ikea is, its basically a super awesome furniture store.

We decided to try to go ahead and buy some new things :) 
well, at least try to find the furniture that we would like. 
Since we are moving and downsizing from a 915 sq. ft to a 550 sq. ft we have a lot of thinking to do about how we are going to store all of our things.

 ^^ Hanging shelves! You push in the panel and they pop open, they come in two or a single and we really like them, thinking of hanging them over the couch.
 ^^ Were moving into a very small place so we are trying to plan so we can fit everything in so once we get our computers we thought this would be a good way to have two desks in our room with out taking up so much space.
 ^^ This for the bathroom would be a very good way to hang our bath room hand towels instead of just placing them on the counter.

 ^^ I thought these were cute for inside of the cabinets, or even on the counters in case we don't have enough counter or pantry space.
 ^^ Because we have so little space, we are thinking about going with a smaller dinning table like this one, Or something that will fit in the corner with a bunch of storage.
^^ These just looked cute and i want them! ^_^
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