So im officially completely moved into my dads house and turned in the keys from my apartment..

I already miss having our own place. <3
At least now we won't have to worry about other people ditching us. :)

So i went and picked up a few things from walgreens the corner store and now i have a few things to start trying and actually stay on my blog more often!

1. My boyfriend just found this really funny app I really want to try.
2.a few make up remover whipes, ive not found one i like very much.
3.Daily Facial Scrubs!!! I am looking for a cheaper brand than the Mary Kay i use.. I just dont have enough money.
4. Sally Insta Gel Strips, I have two different ones to try, One is a pattern "410, Amazing Lace" , one is a Glitter "110 Take the Stage". ^_^
I am super excited to try these !! <3
 If there is anything you guys want me to try or review for you just let me know!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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