So labeling left overs seems pretty normal right? like a pretty easy thing to do! i may or may not have a more effective way to store and label your left-overs. :)
A lot can go wrong when you take home left-overs. Say you forget they are in the fridge so they get shoved to the back, or You aren't sure exactly what something is and after its "prime time" it ends up looking like a bunch of strangely colored Octopus, possibly it you forget the date you got the food so now if you eat the still looking yummy left-overs you could be gambling you life!!  find a permanent marker.. like so :)

1.Find a Permanent marker. Like pictured below. 
Sharpie, fine point. 
2.Take each container, and label the top. (so if you get confused while eating there is an easy fix and you don't have to look around the sides for the side that's labeled.) Something simple.
Here are mine! :)

3. Next just label one side, i normally do the opposite side to where the container opens and closes.

So then in the end it fits very nicely in side your fridge and it's even visible! 

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