This is how I try so very hard to stay in budget. Our money is tight.. :) so we can only buy so much!
(Trust me were not perfect. .. some times we accidentally go $50 or $60 over budget. But it's a learning opportunity.)

Things to remember:
#1. I shop at Winn-Dixie
#2. I have a card to Winn-Dixie that saves me money. 
#3. We normally only have $75 a week to put towards food. :) but only being two of us. That's pretty okay!

So, i get the local Winn-Dixie newspaper add and it normally has a few pages full of sales and bogos!
I take a neon yellow index card, So I can easily carry it, you could also just use paper, and go through the add looking for things we need/want.
The 10 for $10 deals are my favorite but you can't get too many of those because, well, then you have alot of a few things and not much money for other necessities. 

only do maybe 2 of the 10 for $10 deals. ^_^

I like to take my neon yellow index card and write: the items I want, the price, and the size and/or specific type the sale is on.
Simple enough right?  Go through add up All the prices, estimate for tax. Food isn't taxed but some of the products are :) adjust your list accordingly.
Then your good!

When you goto the store try to avoid grabbing other things you don't have on the list... those things add up so quickly.
I've added some photos. The little black Winn-Dixie card is the savings key ring nob. They also give you a normal sized card.

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